Cloud Softphone getting started


Getting Logged in for the first time

To get logged in open up Google Chrome and go to

Once the page loads check the 'I agree' box and sign in with your phone number as the username and your password.


After you log in, make sure you enable notifications so that you'll get a pop up when a call comes in.  


After you click enable you'll need to click allow 



Taking a call for the first time

Let's try calling the softphone from a home phone or cell phone to make sure everything works as expected.  When your softphone rings it will look similar to the screenshot below, click on the green button to accept the call.


When you accept your first call your browser will ask for permission to access your microphone, you must allow it to access your microphone in order to take calls.



Manually setting the audio device

On your first call you may notice that it takes a few seconds before you hear any audio, this is normal.  If you have trouble hearing audio on your first call hang up and try calling back.  

If you still can't hear anything first verify that your headset is properly connected to your computer, an easy test is to play a youtube video, if the audio doesn't come out the headset there's a problem between your computer and the headset.

If you can hear the youtube video in your headset but calls aren't coming to the headset try clicking on your phone number in the upper right hand of the softphone webpage 


Then navigate to Settings>Media Sources and make sure that your heaset is set as the Audio Input and Output device.  This usually happens by default 


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