ICBM: Signing in


Are you connected to a VPN? If you are not connected to a VPN, you cannot log in to the ICBM.

Most member sites are automatically set up with a site wide VPN

  • If you are trying to access the ICBM off site, remember the extra step of logging into a VPN is
  • See VPN Initial Set Up, Section 6.2 in this document for further
  • If you try to log in and receive this error message, you are not connected to a VPN:


Open ICBM/Log On

  1. If your computer does not already have the ICBM, see ICBM Initial Set Up, Section 6.1, in this document. 
  1. Click the ICBM desktop The window ‘Configuring remote session…’ will appear briefly. 
  1. Enter your credentials’ window: 
    If you are logging onto a computer used by another supervisor and their name appears, select ‘More choices’ for the full log in window. Only select ‘Remember me’ if no one else uses that computer.  Once ‘Remember me’ has been selected, the only way to select a different name is to remove the application and re-install it. 
  1. ‘Connection’ window: Confirm it is filled out as expected, then click Log an outside server to retrieve the layout/set up as you have designedmceclip4.png


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