Network Requirements


This article offers the Network requirements for ensuring a stable and dependable internet connection for making calls. Gazelle Speed Test is recommended to test internet speed and ensure consistent results of:

  • 30 Mbps download
  • 5 Mbps upload
  • Ping below 80ms
  • Jitter under 10ms

However, users should be aware that having multiple individuals utilizing the internet simultaneously can result in decreased performance. To obtain the most accurate speed test results, it is advisable to connect to the modem/router using an ethernet cable.

As a reminder you must have access to a private workspace and reliable internet connection at all times while supporting help seekers. Public Wi-Fi such as a school campus, shared apartment building or local coffee/internet café is not acceptable. Satellite Internet services such as Starlink or Xplore are subject to individual evaluation and may become unstable due to capacity constraints and/or restrictions  within their networks. You may not use a hot-spot from a mobile device as your internet connection. Lastly, if your location changes you are obligated to update your emergency address for compliance purposes. 

Using Wi-Fi can lead to problems with call quality, including dropped calls. Therefore, it is not recommended for reliable calls. To find the best location for optimal Wi-Fi coverage, users can experiment with various areas in their home and conduct a speed test. If the speed test fails while connected to Wi-Fi, it is necessary to switch to an ethernet cable for a stable and reliable call experience.

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