Forticlient: MacOS 'Connection Error'


Unfortunately Mac users typically report a higher number of problems with Forticlient than Windows users, it's generally not a problem with the VPN service itself but a problem with MacOS and Forticlient not playing nicely together.  


If your VPN connection was previously working fine and you get a Connection Error out of the blue there's a good chance you'll be able to resolve the issue by restarting your computer.  If a restart takes too long or for whatever reason you'd prefer not to restart your computer the problem can also frequently be resolved by shutting down and restarting Forticlient.

Restarting Forticlient

  • Locate Forticlient in your taskbar near the clock in the upper right.  The icon should look like a shield.
  • Click on the shield, you should see a menu listing all your Forticlient VPN connections, below that list click the option to Shutdown Forticlient


  • Shortly after you click Shutdown Forticlient the shield icon should disappear from your taskbar.  If the icon doesn't disappear after a minute or two it may need to be manually terminated using Activity Monitor or a full reboot may need to be performed to ensure Forticlient is shutdown.
  • Once you've confirmed that Forticlient is shutdown you'll need to start Forticlient again using the shortcut in your dock or by searching for it using spotlight.
  • After Forticlient has restarted try logging in again.
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