Capturing VCC Logs for Vendor Troubleshooting


In order to troubleshoot stubborn issues with VCC sometimes it's necessary to provide logs to the vendor so they can investigate.  If you've been asked to provide logs please capture the following information and attach it to your email/ticket.

#1 Screen shot of the error with time showing in screen shot.

Screenshot instructions for Mac

Screenshot instructions for Windows

#2-Console Logs from your web browser

With your web browser open press F12 to open the developer tools, then click on 'Console' to expose the console log, right click anywhere in the text and click ‘Save as…’  Look in your downloads folder, filename should be similar to this 



#3-Interaction Connect logs

These logs can be obtained once logged in from the menu in the upper right hand corner.  Click on your name and then click on ‘Save Logs’  Look in your downloads folder for a .csv file, name should be similar to this inin-logs-20200610154338.csv 



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