Supervising the Queue, Monitoring Interactions and Coaching Shifts


Supervisors can observe the queue in real time and listen to current interactions using the VCC. To do this, make sure the following views are set up:


Workgroup Queues

  • CSPS Voice Queue: VCC_WG_Voice

  • See Section 2: VCC Initial Screen Set Up, Part F: View Queues in Real Time for further set up instructions.
  • CSPS Text Queue: VCC_WG_SMS

A. Silent Monitoring and Coaching Shifts

1. Silent Monitor Incoming Interactions:

To monitor incoming interactions, you need to have either the VCC Voice Queue view open or the responder’s individual queue (using the Agent Statistics View). The call control buttons for supervisors are as follows




Join: This will create a conference call with all three parties (yourself, the responder and the service user). When you join, it will be announced in the call that you are joining so do NOT use this option unless it is absolutely necessary for the service user’s safety.


Listen: This is the button used for silent monitoring. When this is selected, you will be listening to the interaction but neither the responder nor the service user will be able to here any sound you make.


Coach: This will allow you to listen and speak to the responder but the service user will not
hear you.




2. Agent Statistics View: Responders Individual Queue (Incoming AND Outgoing Calls




3. Coaching Shifts

For coaching shifts the supervisor can watch for incoming interactions in the general CSPS Voice
Supervisors may instead find it easiest to open the individual responder’s queue (using the
Agent Statistics view mentioned above
) so they only see that responder’s interactions rather
than the whole queue.
The camp feature described in Part B (below) ‘Get Alerts When a Responder’s Status Changes
can ensure that you will hear an audible sound when that responder is getting alerted with an
incoming interaction to prevent you from missing the first couple minutes should you take your
eyes off the VCC screen


B. Get Alerts When Responder’s Status Changes (Camp Button)

As a supervisor, it is easy to get busy doing other tasks and miss when a responder takes an interaction or becomes available if you need to connect with them. Getting an alert when responders status changes can help make sure you do not miss listening to the interaction right from the beginning, particularly if it is a new volunteer you are supporting remotely.


To set this type of alert, select the Company Directory and search the name of the responder.

1. Highlight the name of the responder in the company directory and then click on the ‘Camp’ button. You
can also right click on the highlighted name to select ‘Camp’ that way.

2. It is possible to have the ‘Camp’ feature in use for multiple responders at a time.


3. Once the ‘Camp’ feature is activated, a status bar will appear on your VCC screen:


4. When the responder’s status changes, you will be alerted with an alert sound and a notification pop up:


5. To stop using the ‘Camp’ feature for that responder, select ‘Stop Camp’ in the status bar that appeared, or highlight their name in the Company Directory and select ‘Camp’ again to deactivate.


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