Taking a Screenshot (PC)


How to take a ScreenShot on PC:

Method 1 : Print Screen (Simple)

Tap the Keyboard button labelled "PrtScn" (This varies between keyboards)

How to Use the "Print Screen" Function on a Keyboard: 6 Steps

Once this is done, your entire screen will have saved an image which is ready to be "Pasted" anywhere. If you are working with an agent, you may paste this image into an email by right-clicking anywhere in the email and selecting "Paste"

If you do not see a "Paste" option, please try using the using the Keyboard combination of "Alt+PrtScn". Then continue to try Pasting image again in the email.


Method 2 : Snipping Tool (Advanced)

This method allows you to select specific parts of your screen(s).

1) Select the Start Menu or press the Windows Key and type "snipping" into the search box.

Search bar in Windows

2) Select the Snipping Tool in the search results. The snipping tool window will appear on your screen.

Snipping Tool in Windows

3) The snipping tool assumes you want to create a new clipping as soon as you open it. Your screen will dim and you can click and drag your cursor to select an area to copy. The selected area will be darker as you drag and a red border will surround it if you've never changed the snipping tool options.


Screenshot of Snipping Tool

4) When you release the mouse button, the captured area will open in the snipping tool window when you release the mouse button. Select the New button if you want to try again. 

New button in the Windows snipping tool

5) Press the save button to save the screenshot as an image file when you're happy with your clipping.

Save button in Windows snipping tool

6) Locate the saves image and upload it into the email. You can either rick click it, "COPY", then "PASTE" in the email OR look for an option in the your email platform to insert a picture/attachment. These a usually noted as a paperclip or a small picture icon.

7) Send email once you see the screen capture or the filename listed in the email.



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