Forticlient Manual Removal - Windows


Forticlient VPN removal via command prompt

If you cannot use Control Panel or Add Remove Programs to uninstall Forticlient. You can attempt to remove it through Command Prompt.

Step 1: Turn off FortiClient

If FortiClient appears in the system tray, you should shut it down completely prior to the uninstall. To do so, right click on its icon and choose Shutdown FortiClient.


uninstall FortiClient on Windows - Total Uninstaller (2)

And to verify if related process still runs on the background, do the followings:

  • Right click on the taskbar and then choose Task Manager to launch this utility.
  • Select process(es) pertaining to FortiClient, and click End Task button.



Step 2: Run Command Prompt as Administrator 

**Warning your PC will reboot without warning after the command completes**

1. Save any files and close all open applications.
2. Make sure FortiClient is not running. Check the system tray (lower right) and make sure it is not running.
3. Type CMD in your search and open command prompt. You will need to right click this and open as an administrator.
4. Run this command. It will take a few minutes and your PC will restart. Log back in and FortiClient will be uninstalled.
wmic product where "name like 'Forti%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive



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